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Why OrthoLimb Bone and Joint Surgery?

OrthoLimb Bone and Joint Surgery was formed, with the intention of offering patients specialized Orthopaedic care with a personal touch.

In our modern society, a lot of information is freely available in the mass media and on the internet. This can sometimes confuse some one seeking information, or a patient with a specific condition, who is seeking answers.

At OrthoLImb Bone and Joint Surgery, we desire is to provide Orthopaedic care that is personalized and individualized towards each patient’s lifestyle and work requirements, and to give realistic, appropriate and timely advice. In addition, we seek to provide expert treatment by professionals who care.

Our aim is to achieve patient satisfaction wherever and whenever possible, and, with each patient, travel together the journey of treatment, healing and maximal recovery. We also hope to continue improving the quality of our care, and to provide our patients with sound advice, in our fast changing world.

Recovery takes time, and we will take the time that is needed to diagnose each problem, and manage each condition with due care and respect.While not every patient can or will return to their maximal pre-injury function, we promise to do all that is within our means to help each patient achieve their maximal functional status after injury or disease that brought them into our clinic.